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Interactive Lessons


Online English Teachers




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Interactive Lessons

Teachers can drag/drop/draw and play games with their students. Lessons are created on ‘Genially’ and include slide animations, characters, gifs, and videos.

25-40 Minutes Long

Never run out of material to cover. Teachers choose what the students need help with most. Games and videos can help extend and reinforce learning for the students.

Homework and Flashcards

Homework and flashcards are being added for every lesson. We currently have over 115 homework assignments and over 850 flashcards. More are being added all the time.


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Learning with Tablets
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Koala Go

Our recommended teaching platform is Koala Go.

This amazing platform allows:

  • dual cursor control,

  • full drag and drop functionality,

  • customizable avatars,

  • a dedicated team that is focused on the online teaching community,

  • and so much more.

Please check them out by clicking "LEARN MORE" below.


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