Welcome to Flip the Classroom

"Flip the Classroom" is creating interactive lessons that can range from 25-40 minutes. These lessons are full of color, animations, characters and interactive learning games.

What is a "flipped classroom"? A flipped classroom is a method of learning where the students go through the lesson before the class. This leaves class time for activities and a focus on reinforcing what they have learned on their own.

Lessons can be taught on a variety of platforms such as Koala Go, Zoom, Classin, Voov, Skype and many others.

Lessons are designed to be full of extension opportunities for your students. What you chose to teach and focus on, may be different depending on your students, as well as your individual teaching style.

We at "Flip the Classroom" believe that teachers know their students best, and should have the option to chose what to teach.
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Each unit feels unique and different, yet still familiar. Every lesson also has interactive games and videos that are perfect for extensions.

Lessons are accessed on Genially. This means you do not have to download lessons and take up space on your computers. 

Depending on the teacher/student, lessons can be used for 25 minute classes or more. You may even choose to split the lessons up, depending on your student's abilities.

Lesson can be used on many different teaching platforms and meeting applications such as Koala Go, Zoom, Voov, Skype, Classin etc. Please check our Facebook group for more details and help choosing the best platforms.

About Me

Hello, my name is Jon. I have been an online English teacher for over 3 years. I have always thought that the lessons that were provided by companies always seemed bland and did not keep the attention of some students.

I decided to use my skills to create interactive lessons using a program called Genially.

My training has included 2 years at New Brunswick Community College, and a bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada.

I have always had a creative eye, and excelled in my business and marketing courses at the Sobeys School of Business at Saint Mary's.

I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have also lived in Vietnam for almost 5 years. I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I have been to over 15 countries, and can't wait to see more.

I hope you will join us at "Flip the Classroom", as I feel our lessons are some of the best for student interaction and retention.