Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are some common questions asked by the community. If you have a question please join our Facebook group. We are quickly developing an amazing group of fellow teachers who may be able to help. I will try and respond as quickly as I can to questions.


How many lesson do you currently have available?

There are currently approximately 184 lessons available from Levels 2-5 including special lessons. We try to add new lessons each week.

It is always important for teachers to have a backup plan for lessons, in case there are any issues with the site or a particular lesson is not completed.

The current number of lessons at each Level:

Level 2 - 40 lessons

Level 3 - 61 lessons

Level 4 - 39 Lessons

Level 5 - 33 Lessons

Special/Holiday Lessons - 11

How do I allow students to 'Drag and Drop'?

Depending on the teaching platform you use, you may be able to have the students drag and drop.

A common issue is when a student is on a tablet. Many platforms do not support this feature, but some are listening to teachers and starting to implement them. We suggest using Koala Go for FTC lessons, as they allow the student to drag and drop with their tablet.

We cannot guarantee that all interactive functions will work on all platforms and devices, as there are far too many of them. Please join our Facebook group to hear what other teachers are saying and recommending.

What if I can't access the interactive lessons?

The most common issue of not being able to access a site is to clear the ‘cache' and cookies. This fixes most site errors. If you continue to have an issue, please post in the Facebook group.

If there is an issue with Genially, please feel free to use the PDF as an emergency option. These should not be relied on, as they have limited interactive functionality. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control such as websites going down. This is why it is important to always have a backup plan. We will work hard to fix any errors, but cannot always guarantee lesson access.

Can I send anything to the parents before class?

Your FTC subscription includes "Parent/Student Previews" that you may send to your student’s parents. These cover almost everything that is in the lesson. It is a great way for the students to practice what will be covered in your next class together.

Please avoid sending the ‘Lesson PDFs’ as these may have slight errors and have limited interactive features. The PDFs are meant to be used in the case Genially (the presentation platform we use to make the lessons) goes down.

I see a mistake in the lesson, who do I tell?

If you spot a mistake, please join our Facebook group and post about it. Make sure to include the Level, Unit, and Lesson numbers.

If the mistake is valid, your name will be entered into a 'Lucky Draw' for a $20 Amazon gift card. I will do the draw once a month. Winners will be sent a message or e-mail personally.

*Please make sure to use a computer before posting about formatting errors, as phones (and especially Apple products) may look different due to screen size and their custom site formatting. You can also switch to the "Desktop Site" which may help.

When will you start Levels 1 and 6?

We are trying to focus on Levels 2-5 for now, as that is what most teachers have requested. We will start work on Level 1 shortly.

What about Gifs and Videos being copyrighted? Can I get in trouble?

We use Giphy for all gifs, and YouTube for all videos on FTC. The gifs/videos are embedded and link back to the creator of the gif or the person who posted it. If the gif/video is removed from Giphy/YouTube, it is also removed from FTC. The gifs/videos are also being used under fair use as they are used for education purposes and are only a small fraction of the creative work.

We do not sell the lessons themselves, but rather sell access to the FTC website. If there is a change to copyright law pertaining to Gifs, we will be quick to change everything over. As of this date, there have been no court cases. It would also take a lot for a major brand to go after Gifs being used for education, as they are used under "fair use".

As stated, since the gifs are embedded from Giphy, if a claim comes into Giphy to remove it, you will see on the slide that the "image is no longer available". This happens from time to time. Please let us know and we will add a new image/gif.